The process of trying to find a connection

It’s probably been about a week since I received my dna results from ancestry.  I was surprised because I noticed a familiar name in my family tree.  It was a person from an ancestry group that I belong to on facebook.  I looked up the information and skimmed through his tree and found a single name, no last name just a given name but for some reason it stood out.  So I contacted this new found cousin and told him about my theory, but we weren’t sure and still aren’t but some names started falling into place.  

Well my mothers test still hadn’t come in and we thought that would help because if he didn’t match with my mother then this could possibly be the person we are thinking about.  You see he would be on my paternal side of the family.  Well, lo and behold when the test came back, he was not related to my mom, this means he’s a paternal cousin and our theory could be correct.  Still we cannot be sure, african american history is really hard to research.  Anyway,  I started to research that family name again.  It would be my 4x’s great grandfather “Harry Gray” who was ripped away from his family in Jefferson county Virginia by Jefferson Davis and sold to Savannah Georgia.  

I’ve been going back over some records from the Virginia area with a list of slave and slaveowner names and with this new found information, I discovered something about the information on my 5x’s great grandfather.   I’s found his name on the list before but this document didn’t really lead me anywhere the first time.   Jasper who would be because of the dates my 5x’s great grandfather (I also have a great great grandfather Jasper but he would not have been born yet) was on this list and it looked like at some point he was owned by a Benjamin Mason.  You see Jasper and Harry were in-laws Jasper’s grandson Solomon was married to Harry’s daughter Eliza my 4x’s great grandparents and they probably lived on the same plantation in VA until Harry was taken away.  Ding, ding, ding, some bells started going off…still not sure about any of this,  but it is a lead and I’m going to follow.   In the mean time I have posted an excerpt from the will of Benjamin Mason to his sons,  whom could be the ancestors of my new found cousin. Benjamin came up as the name of the person that at one time owned Jasper.  Jasper was freed May 20th 1813.

Now all of this is just speculation, I don’t have any documents or proof, this is a theory I’m working on.   I like to blog becomes sometimes it gives me a better perspective and also I get really great ideas, suggestions and theory’s from the readers.  So thank you for reading and if you have any ideas, or suggestions or comments that would be great!!!

doc jasper1

Loudoun County Wills 1793-1797, pp. 118-120

In the name of God Amen.  I, Benjamin Mason, of the County of Loudoun, being in a weak and low state of health, but in good sense and memory and being desirous as far as in me lies to prevent all disputes about my temporal Estate that it hath pleased God to bestow upon me, do make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following:  First, I give to my Wife Ann, thirty pounds current money to be paid her when received for the Rent of the Poor House on condition she stays with my family during one year and takes care of family affairs as she has hither done, but if she chooses to leave my family within said year, then she is to have Ten pounds like money and she and all her effects she brought with her to be removed back where she chooses to go without any expense to her.

 I give to my son, George Mason, one Negro man named Jere to him and his heirs forever.  Item.  I give to my son, Burgess Mason, three parts out of five of the price of my Plantation when it shall be sold.  Item.  I give to my son, John Mason, one Negro man named Harry which I give to him and his heirs and no more of my estate.  Item.  I give to my daughter, Ann Linton, one Negro woman named Ally and her increase to her and her heirs forever.  Item.  I give to my daughter, Margaret Carter, the following slaves, Hannah, Amy and Jasper and the increase of the female slaves to her and her heirs forever and no more of my Estate.


Journey through my Thompson Family History

I’m going to take you on a Journey through my Thompson Family History.
I’m starting out with Original Jasper Thompson(born about 1770)  because he is as far back as I can go with the Thompson’s right now but as you will see from my family documents he is not as far back as I can go in the family.   You will notice in the handwritten account that I acutally have names of my direct descendants from Africa on my 4x’s great grandmothers side Haney Richardson that married Fortune Thompson, Jasper’s son. 
Side note:  I call him Orignial Jasper because there is more than one Jasper and also there is more than one Solomon.

Parents: James Crippen – Mary McCloud

Grandparents: Marie Preston  – Herbert Crippen


Great grandparents: Frances Thompson – William Preston

Great great grandparents: Jasper Thompson – Dolly Irving

Great great great grandparents: Solomon Thompson – Eliza Gray

4x’s great grandparents: Fortune Thompson-  Haney Richardson
5x’s great grandfather:  Jasper Thompson – unknown grandmother

my 4x’s great grandmother: Haney Richardson’s side goes back to africa 
5x’s great grandparents: Boson Richardson – Hannah
6x’s great grandparents: Furrow – Penny (direct descendants from Africa)
The other side of our family
My 3x’s great grandmother: Eliza Gray’s parents are
4x’s great grandparents: Harry Gray and Fanny
5x’s great grandparents: Mingo – Jenny/Janney 

(view visiual chart below – it starts from my Great great grandparents generation)
First let me tell you how I discovered this amazing documented  handwritten account of my family tree.  I have been researching my family for a while but just lately I connected with a cousin “Joyceann Gray”.  We didn’t know we were related, but during the course of our research we found several names that matched up through marriages.  One day I happened to mention that (Solomon H Thompson the grandson born in 1870: Grandma Frances brother) has some family papers at the University and I had a quote from the University but I hadn’t ordered it yet, so she responded send me the email, well I sent Joyceann the email and she responded once again and said I went on and ordered it I hope that was ok.  I was suprised and excited!!!   We were both excited because since we’ve been finding connections we both figured we might find some family information that would help.  I never expected to find what we found when the documents came back.   I’ll let Joyceann tell you her side and what she found but my ENTIRE family history from the Thompson side was written out on just a few pieces of paper.   It looked like the pages were from a Family Bible.  My direct line of descendants were written out from one of my Great grand aunts or uncles who more than likely received the information straight from my Great great grandparents Jasper Thompson or Dolly Irvin. (My Great great grandfather Jasper Thompson husband of Dolly Irvin born 1847 was the last of the Thompson’s on the Washington plantation)

The Original Jasper Thompson Born about 1770 freed in 1813 by the will of Elizabeth Ariss.  If you look at the document right below you will see
it says Fortune Thompson was on the Eric Estates, but I believe he meant the Ariss Estates something
was lost in translation probably with the accent but this all checks out.
This handwritten account is from the collection of My Great grand uncles Family papers they were donated by Solomon H Thompson Jr and his wife to a University.
According to this handwritten account from “one of my ancestors, our family were enslaved by the Washington family for several generations.  Jasper was freed from the Ariss Estates in 1813 document above  Fortune was born on the Claymont Court Plantation.   Solomon was born at Blakely right across from Claymont.  Jenny was Jane Charlotte Washington’s slave.   Harry was a slave to someone named LT Davenport and was sold to Jeff Davis(I’m assuming Jefferson Davis) who ripped him from his family and traded him for a coachman and then later he was sent to Georgia where he died.  (This is the site where I found the table of slaves from the Washington family) Please check out this site when you get a chance.

Notes and abbreviations:
Washington generation #1: Bushrod’s parents
JAW 1 = John Augustine Washington: father of Bushrod Washington; brother of George Washington
HBW = Hannah Bushrod Washington: wife of John Augustine Washington (I)

Washington generation #2: Bushrod’s generation
BW = Bushrod Washington
JABW = Julia Ann Blackburn Washington: wife of Bushrod Washington
WAW = William Augustine Washington: brother-in-law of Bushrod Washington; husband of Jane (Jenny) Washington, Bushrod’s sister

Washington generation #3: Bushrod’s nephews
JAW 2 = John Augustine Washington: nephew of Bushrod Washington; son of Corbin and Hannah Lee Washington; inherited historic part of Mount Vernon
BCW = Bushrod Corbin Washington: nephew of Bushrod Washington; son of Corbin and Hannah Lee Washington; younger brother of JAW 2
RHLW = Richard Henry Lee Washington: nephew of Bushrod Washington; son of Corbin and Hannah Lee Washington; elder brother of JAW 2; died 1817
BWJ = Bushrod Washington “Junior”: actually Bushrod Washington’s nephew; son of Jane (Jenny) Washington and William Augustine Washington
GCW = George Corbin Washington: nephew of Bushrod Washington; son of Jane (Jenny) Washington and William Augustine Washington
B&NH = Bushrod and Noblet Herbert: great-nephews of Bushrod Washington; sons of Bushrod’s deceased niece, Mary Lee Washington Herbert

* = remained at Mount Vernon after Bushrod Washington’s death and estate division

Fanny (wife of Harry Gray) my 4x’s great grandmother , daughter  Eliza Gray my 3x’s great grandmother (wife of Solomon Thompson)and Eliza’s sisters my 3rd great grand aunts…

Son of Mingo and Jenny, he is my 4th great grand uncle

My 5 x’s great grandparents Mingo and Jenny/Janney the parents of Fanny my 4x’s great grandmother (Harry Gray’s wife)
Harry and Fanny were the parents of Eliza Gray…Solomon Thompson’s wife
Jenny was Jane Charlotte Washington’s slave it say it in the handwrotten account and in the book clip below

Below is a clip from Scott E Casper’s “Sarah Johnson’s Mt Vernon
It gave me a really quick glance of my 5x’s great grandparents and grand aunts and uncles
Boson and Hannah my 5x’s great grandparents..the child Hannah they called “Haney”(wife of Fortune Thompson)…not to get mixed
up with her sister Henrietta they call “Henny”

I know they called her Haney because her name is on her son’ Solomon’s death register Doc #1 Line 41 Sol Thompson Doc #2 line 41 parents “Fortune and Haney ” and son Jasper Thompson gave the information.

Not sure if this is my 4x’s great grandfather Harry Gray (husband of Fanny..father of Eliza Gray …Solomon Thompsons wife) that was sold by Jeff Davis.

Solomon Thompson and Jasper Thompson still living next to Bushrod C Washington in the 1870 census.
Just a little detail on some of the historical figure names that you see 
John and Elizabeth Ariss Architect John Ariss (sometimes spelled Ayres) (1725–1799) were born in Westmoreland County, Virginia to a family long settled in the Old Dominion.[1][2] Two of his works have been classified as National Historic Landmarks. A rare surviving, documented example of his work is Traveller’s Rest in Kearneysville, West Virginia, which he designed as a farmstead home for American Revolutionary War General Horatio Gates. He is also believed to have designed the Neo-Palladian estate Mount Airy, located in Richmond County, Virginia on Virginia’s Northern Neck.

Jefferson F. Davis was an American soldier and politician, and was the President of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War, 1861 to 1865.

Jane Charlotte Washington (Blackburn)

Birthdate: August 23, 1786

Died September 6, 1855 in Blakeley, Jefferson, Virginia

John Brown and the Raid on Harpers Ferry:  

On October 16, 1859, abolitionist John Brown and several followers seized the United States Armory and Arsenal at Harpers Ferry. The actions of Brown’s men brought national attention to the emotional divisions concerning slavery.

I’ve accumulated so much information on my Thompson family.  All of the information tells me they were right smack dab in the middle of history and historical events that most people only read about.  Like Dolly Irving my Great great grandmother who was there to witness the hanging of John Brown after his Raid on Harpers Ferry, that story was passed down to us orally from Grandma Marie Crippen who received it first hand because she lived in West Virginia with Grandma Dolly.  The association with the Washington siblings that they had to see and work for everyday, Jefferson Davis who tore apart my 5x’s ggrandfather from his family.  I never heard of some of the names in the family documents before now but in the course of my research found that some of those names were historical figures. 
In conclusion,  I have to say that with everything that was done to this family they were strong and perserved and some even went on to make history themselves.

Solomon Thompson’s parents another generation found

 I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t really had anything new or exciting to post, but today I am very excited!!!  

This is Solomon Thompson my 3x’s great grandfather born about 1822 he lived in Jefferson County, West Virginia.  I say “born about” because there are some conflicting dates, but anyone that has worked on African american research knows that our information is a real struggle to find and to find it accurate is almost impossible.
If I had to guess I would guess in this photo that Solomon was in his 40’s and that would be somewhere around the “reconstruction period”
Solomon we believe was enslaved on a Plantation in West Virginia, he lived to be about 81 years of age and to see and enjoy his and his family’s freedom

My research on the Thompson Family has taken me back to another generation of grandparents my 4x’s great grands!!!   

 So, if you follow my blog you all know the story of Jasper in the Civil War,  Jasper and Dolly’s children and then Jasper’s murder mystery and how Jim Surkamp helped me solve the family mystery of over 100 plus years, well now I have met someone new,  Sarah Brown,  who reached out to me because of one of my blogs where I mentioned Jim Surkamp and she led me to a whole new wealth of information.  I won’t go into details at this time but they are very exciting and I will blog about it all at a later date so stay tuned!!!   Thank you so much Sarah Brown!!!!!   

So, back to the story of my Thompson family and the research which led me back.  I had slacked up on the search for a while, you know how you get frustrated because you hit a brick wall and you don’t know where to go from there, but after Sarah contacted me she gave me leads and then Jim gave me leads, I started digging again and that took me to another generation of grandparents.

From the will of Bushrod Corbin Washinton

It mentions Thompson and Henry..we believe this is Solomon Thompson
because Solomon is on the document below with Henry again

Solomon is on here hired out to a family member last name Alexander

Solomon is right here under Henry 1854 inventory list

enlarged view of Solomon hired out

1854 inventory with Solomon listed.

If you notice below on Line# 41 the name Sol Thompson which is short for “Solomon” and if you read all the way across you will see “Sol’s” parents names “Fortune and Nancy?”  I cant really understand his mothers name but I see that his dad’s name is “Fortune” for sure and we know this is Solomon because his son that supplied the information his name is “Jasper”. 

The second photo shows a death certificate for a Richard R Thompson and you will notice the name of the father is “Fortune Thompson” yaaaay this is Solomon’s brother Richard.   Jim asked me did I know Matilda Thompson?   I knew the name because I had come across her in my research because she was living near my Thompson family in the census but I could not connect her until I noticed the name of the informant on Richard’s death certificate “Mary Lee Johnson” and I noticed that Mary Lee Johnson was affiliated with Matilda Thompson and Matilda was the sister of Richard….wow!!!!    (I have to say that Richard definitely does have a sister Matilda, but it may not be the Matilda Thompson below, there is some conflict going on with some new information).  

My Matilda would be related to Johnson’s…
1900 Richard is living with his sister Matilda Thompson, 
1910 he is living with his niece and nephew-in-law and their daughter Mary L Johnson, Matilda’s daughter and son in-law and granddaughter and in 
1920 with great niece Mary Lee Johnson in Kabletown West Virginia but I don’t know if this is the Matilda Thompson that was owned by slave owner BWH

The information I received on Matilda Thompson from Jim Surkamp: 

 BWH lived at Claymont, WV in 1850 and 1860.  BWH was about 45 in 1860,  Matilda was enslaved and lived at Claymont she had a child born  who died after six months in about 1856 she was listed as being owned by bwh in 1888 in his will bwh left the house prospect hill to “her daughter” Eliza on the condition that Ellen could live there also and a house was left to her brother Richard.

There’s a lot more to the story but like I mentioned earlier I will tell all at a later date after collaborating with Sarah.

My family history comes alive to me when I can put a face to a name so this is the order in which I’m related to Fortune Thompson and I have put a face with the name, of course there are more descendants some are close family and others I am still searching for but for now this is my direct line….. today is a good day…  🙂

Me – Monique Crippen
(My dad) James Crippen

(My grandmom) Marie Preston-Crippen
(My great-grandmom) Frances Thompson-Preston

(My great great grandfather) Jasper Thompson

(My 3x’s great-grandfather) Solomon Thompson

and (My 4x’s great-grandfather) Fortune Thompson
photo not shown

Update on the murder of my great great grandfather Jasper Thompson

OMG!!! There has been a break in the case, after 108 years a family mystery has finally been solved!!! 

 It all started when I was going back over the research for my gggrandfather Jasper Thompson.  He was in the civil war 23rd Regiment United States Colored Troops,  so I figured I’ll check to see what else I could find on him and started to Google his name.  Well, I found a site that I previously hadn’t seen, if I did, I don’t remember checking it out before.  It was called 130 African Sons of Jefferson County . . . in Blue Coats by .Jim Surkamp I found my  great great grandfather Jasper Thompson’s (paternal side) name on the page and I was excited to see it, so I wrote to Mr Jim Surkamp to thank him.  Well, what happened next I never expected, after I wrote he replied and then he wrote and attached 2 newspaper clips…. what I saw written in those newspaper clips left me speechless!! 

Well, the background story real quick from an earlier post about Jasper Thompson was that Jasper had been shot and then lifted onto his horse and the horse brought him home. The family as it was passed down didn’t know who did it, why they did it, nothing, they were clueless as far as we knew, anyway when Mr Jim Surkamp sent that information he had no clue how happy he would make me and that he would be solving a mystery that has been with this family for 108 yrs…. I can’t thank him enough.

Finding my McLeod/McCloud Ancestors from Clarendon County

“The Mcleod/McCloud Family” 
My account of the journey

When I first started researching my McLeod family line, I could never have expected or even hoped for what I’m about to tell you.   First I have to give a shout out to all of the contributors Mary (my mother) My new cousins Akosua, Oh, Edenau, Sheila, Guy and Michael

Growing up I  heard about Ross McLeod (b:1843) and Harriet Caldwell (b:1845) and a few of their children, my great granddad Jacob was one of the children and he had a twin Abraham, I heard about  the names of the other siblings of Jacob but didn’t really understand the connection and we knew nothing about their descendants or where they were located.  My mom passed this information down to me, she learned the information from Cousin  Emma (Idella’s daughter), but basically all the information like most family history,  it was passed down orally.

Now Ross and Harriet had 12 children, ten were documented, two I can’t account for in documents but I’m still searching.

Photos of two of Ross and Harriet’s children

Lee McLeod

Tallie McLeod

My exciting part is that we have found and are in touch with the descendants of 5 of the siblings. When I started I only knew the descendants of my great granddad Jake and his sister Idella(Emma’s mother) because 2 of her daughters moved to the Philadelphia area near my grandfather James(Jake’s son).

I had been doing family history research for some time and was really starting to get frustrated with this block when one day I came across someone that had my McLeod family info in their tree on an ancestry site and so I wrote to him, but I never received an answer.  I decided to post in an ancestry group on fb and to my suprise I received a response from someone that I now know as (Akosua) saying that she had those same family names and her family was in that same part of South Carolina Clarendon county.  Well, we started texting each other and made the family connection and then I talked to some more members (Edenau and Julia) and sure enough they were related and from a whole new siblings line Tallie McLeod.  The ironic thing is that the person on the  ancestry site that I tried to contact before was closely related to her and so we finally did connect and he (Oh) is really great, we are working together in this research.  

The descendants of Uncle Tallie had  been in contact with Uncle Lee’s family(Sheila, Guy and Sarah) and now that’s another siblings line.  It was really exciting connecting because now we are seeing photos of ancestors we only heard about and finding out information that we never knew that gave us more leads.  We never expected any of this, none of us, we all at one point set the search to the side because it was so frustrating and we never thought we would get past that block.    Now after connecting and finding new information on Uncle Tallie and Uncle Lee, one day one of Uncle Tallies descendants(Edenau) calls me and said I found Susan’s grandson(Michael) and Wow!!  a whole new line and one that we had no information on because Susan had married and took another last name and we didn’t know what it was changed to until we were told the married last name and then we found documents confirming this new information.  

Now that we are all in contact there’s even more photos and information and especially now that we have Susan’s married name.   You can imagine how elated we all are.  This is really exciting for those of us who are interested in the family history the ancestors are helping us to connect and we are doing it one piece of the puzzle at a time.   It’s all coming together and now we are actually hopeful that we can get past the block and go much further back than just Ross and Harriet.  

PART ONE: The obituary collection that my mother has kept.

My mother since she was a little girl has always been the family historian.  She knows the family history on both sides of my family because she was only 13 when her and my dad started “courting” as she says it. 

 Everything that I learned about my family history has been from her or documents I have found and study and research.  A lot of older people don’t really like to talk, but my mother loves too, she has what you call “the gift of gab”.  She calls and keeps in contact with the older cousins and they just volunteer everything to her, but when I ask…..(I hear crickets. lol!!!)  I get my mom to make all the phone calls.  

 My mom realized along time ago that obituaries have tons of family history and important information, I only just realized that lately when I started doing the research and family history.   I feel like the torch is being passed because now I want to know and learn everything I can and how everyone is related in my family.   But anyway, I really just wanted to share these with you all in case you have some family here.
Side note: Some of the women’s maiden names are not included on the cover of the obituary.

While rooting through my family photos I found a Negro League Treasure

I am a family history buff and I love old photos especially old family photos.  I was looking through my grandparents photo album that was passed down to me because, pretty much nobody else was interested but me.  I came across these Negro league photos.   I can only assume that one of my grandmothers aunts or uncles attended a practice or a game or knew someone on the team to get these photos.   After talking it over with my mom, brothers and husband, I finally decided to sell them at an auction,  I figured I scanned them and have them in folders on my pc and on backup harddrives so it would be ok to auction them and that’s what I did, but I just wanted to share my Negro League photos with you all.  Hope you enjoy!!  
Hilldale Team out of Philadelphia PA
Probably around 1922

Toussaint Allen

Louis Santop Hall of Famer

McKinley “Bunny” Downs

Harry Kenyon in plain clothes on here

Never figured out who Steve was.

My gggrandfather Jasper Thompson the civil war veteran

Jasper Thompson was born in 1847 in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia right near Charles Town.   Jasper was born to Solomon Thompson 27 yrs old at the time and Eliza Grey who was 22. 

Jasper Thompson

 At 20 he enlisted March 29, 1864 and was soon appointed corporal in December and made First Sergeant the next February.  He was honorably discharged at Brazos Santiago, Texas in November 1865 from the 23rd USCT.  Four years later he would marry my gggrandmother.

 On Jan 3, 1869 he married Dolly Ann Irvin where they had 12 surviving children during their marriage.   My grandma Dolly was there to witness first hand the hanging of John Brown.  I don’t know if my grandpa Jasper was present or not I assume he was,  he was born and raised in Harpers Ferry and would have been a teenager at the time.  I wonder if that is what inspired my grandfather to join the service or not.   I imagine that would be a huge factor. (Pictured below 10 of the 12 surviving children of  Jasper and Dolly 

Jasper’s wife Dolly Irvin/Irwin Thompson
Grandma Dolly said that her real last name was Barr
That’s another story for another day, I still have some investigating to do.

My great grandmother Frances Thompson Preston when to 2 years culinary school and used to bake professionally

Jack Jasper Richard Thompson on his graduation from Meharry Med School

Louise Thompson Sanders owned a beauty shop in Phila PA
William A Thompson Sexton at a church in Phila PA

Solomon H Thompson who helped open one of the 1st black hospitals
in Kansas City, Kansas (Douglass Hospital)

Eliza  R Thompson passed at age 16 from Pneumonia

Sarah “Sadie” Thompson Miller

Frank Thompson “Head Red Cap” according to the census in 1940 Los Angeles Union Station 

Margaret Thompson Tolliver Cross

David Thompson

Marie Thompson Holmes

Thompson, Jasper
NAME: 23rd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
SIDE: Union:
SOLDIER’S RANK OUT:  First Sergeant
FILM NUMBER:  M589 roll 86
DISPLAYED AS:  Jasper Thompson
PLAQUE NUMBER:  B-40 Regiment Details


United States Colored Infantry OVERVIEW: 

 Organized at Camp Casey, Va., November 23, 1863, to June 30, 1864.  Attached to 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, 9th Corps, Army of the Potomac, April to September, 1864. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 9th Corps, to December, 1864. 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 25th Corps, December, 1865. 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 25th Corps, and Dept. of Texas, to November, 1865. SERVICE:-Campaign from the Rapidan to the James River, Va., May and June, 1864.  Guarding wagon trains Army of the Potomac through the Wilderness. Before Petersburg June 15-18. Siege of Petersburg and Richmond June 16, 1864, to April 2, 1865.  Mine Explosion, Petersburg, July 30, 1864.  Weldon Railroad August 18-21. Fort Sedgwick September 28. Poplar Grove Church September 29-30. Boydton Plank Road, Hatcher’s Run, October 27-28. Bermuda Hundred December 13. Duty on the Bermuda Hundred front till March, 1865. Appomattox Campaign March 28-April 9. Hatcher’s Run March 29-31.   Fall ofPetersburg April 2. Pursuit of Lee April 3-9. Appomattox Court House April 9. Surrender of Lee and his army. Duty in Dept of Virginia till May. Moved to Texas May-June.  Duty at Brownsville and along the Rio Grande, Texas, till November.   Mustered out November 30, 1865.  Regiment lost during service 4 Officers and 82 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 165 Enlisted men by disease. Total 252.RIN: MH:N2. 

 He died in 1906 in his hometown, at the age of 59.    It was said that Jasper was stern you could even say he was mean according to the neighbors and townfolk.   I don’t know if he was that way towards his family, I’ve never heard that he was but anyway,  he went into town one day and later that night his body was brought home by his horse.  Someone in town shot him and the family never knew what happened to him.  

Jasper was buried in Fairview-Gibsontown Cemetery in Charles Town.  My question about his death, did they shoot him in the back while he was getting on his horse, or did they shoot him and then lay his body on the horse for it to carry him home? 

The McLeod ancestors of South Carolina are they speaking to me?

Or is it just wishful thinking???

I have been contemplating about who’s next on the list of ancestors to write about and then they spoke to me or I think they did…I had my cup of coffee on the table next to me, settled into the chair with my daughters laptop.  I was just working on my research as usual, one name leading to the other in and and then Google.  The search lead to me googling the McLeod’s from South Carolina as I have so many times before but this time it lead me to Low Country Africana website  I’ve been on this site before several times but never seemed to

find anything.  All roads before had led me to the McLeod Plantation in Clarendon County South Carolina, because that is where my family had lived. This time, I found something different.   I began to go down the list and I searched for Caldwell’s, Singleton’s and McCloud’s/McLeod’s since they are the family surnames from that area.  Well the Caldwell and Singleton links wouldn’t come up for me, it kept saying error, but the McLeod link, well….let’s just say it spoke, there it was, in black and white.   

Now mind you, this is not an actual ancestor that I know about, but he has the same name as my great grandfather and he lived less than an hour away from where they lived in South Carolina around the same era…so when I started reading this it felt like I actually connected with an ancestor.  I showed my mom, because the McLeod/McCloud is her paternal line, she is a true McCloud.   She begins to tell me that my great great grandfather (Ross father of Jacob aka Jake, Jake father of James,  James father of Mary, my mom), had brothers and sisters that he didn’t know what happened to them but knew that they were all in South Carolina somewhere.  There were other similarities….. Jake, the man in the interview states that his family left SC and migrated to Florida and that is what happened with my gggrandfather Ross McLeod and family they left SC and went to FL.  They talked about the witchcraft, my mother always said that family lore is that my ggrandfather Jacob/Jake may have practiced roots or been a seer or psychic (which I might talk about at another time) and people were afraid of him for some reason.  

Now it could be coincidence or he could be one of the lost relatives, I can’t connect them to the McLeod line that I know, but I found this for a reason and I’m sure sooner or later I will find out why the ancestors called me and led me to this McLeod who just happened to have the same name and some similarities as my great grandfather.

A funny thing happened with my Crippen Family

Have you ever been in a situation and you don’t know the outcome, but later you can look back and laugh???

We all have memories of our families some good, some bad, this one is more comical than anything.  These are the stories that bring our family history to life.  My grandpop Herbert , grandmom Marie and my grandfather’s siblings were all so funny, always telling stories and jokes or busting someone’s chops just to make you laugh.  We would gather all the time for Pinochle or Pokeno, drinks and laughter…. The Crippen family was such a happy family, people would always want to come over to my grandparents house just to hang out, old and young alike. 

 This story that I’m about to tell you has been told in my family so many times.  My grandfather’s two brother affectionately called Uncle Phats and Uncle Snaggs used to run numbers when they were young and lived at my great grandmother Laura’s house.   My grandmother had them late in life so when all of this was going on she was in her 80’s, she even started smoking a pipe in her 80’s.   

Anyway, back to the story… the cops had raided the house a couple of times, but this one time in particular they came in and tried to get my two uncles and she started fighting the cops, she wasn’t going to let nobody get her sons.  They were all taken out of the house and put into the patty wagon even my great grandmother. Somehow my Uncle Phats broke out of the patty wagon, jumped over some high fence and took off..leaving his brother and mom still sitting in there.  Well when they got to the station and my great grandmom had to go in front of the Judge…(cracking up just thinking about it.)   The cop told the judge that my grandmother had bit him in the midst of all of the chaos that was going on and the Judge said  “Mam did you bite the officer?” and she said, “Your honor, No sir I didn’t bite him, I don’t even have any teeth” she showed the judge and all you could see was gums.  The judge let her go and my Uncle Snaggs that was with her and they never did catch up to my Uncle Phats.   That is my funny moment in history.